These are manufactured as per BS/ASTM/ASME/RTP standards, to a maximum 10 bar pressure with all internal and external accessories based on client requirements. The MOC will be as per the service conditions, and vessels will be supplied in all thermosetting and thermoplastic lined plastics.

GPI® Process Equipments are seamless molded structure of Glass Fiber Reinforced with various grades of resin. (Ploysters, Vinlyesters, Epoxies, Furanes, Phenolics), with Thermoplastic liners (PP, PP-H, PVC, CPVC and PVDF). Manufactured by contact molding and filament winding in compliance with international design standard BS 4994, ASME RTP-1, ASME section X, ASTM D (3299, 4097, 3517, 3982, 4167, 2634, 3982).

Process Equipments:-

Process Equipments will have welded joint backed by conductive depending on the grade of thermoset and thermoplastic material used, GPI Process Equipment offer the following additional advantages:

  • High chemical resistance.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • High impact & abrasion resistance.
  • Easy of repair and Handling due to light weight.